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Tristin Craigue
Senior Business Associate

Tristin oversees the firm’s business operations including financial management and client services. Tristin’s responsibilities include managing budgets, contracts, accounts receivable and state and federal tax preparation, as well as forecasting, documenting and business and financial planning. Tristin manages human resources, benefits, payroll and information technology. In addition, she supports the firm’s legislative monitoring system and is responsible for transparency and reporting to the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

About Tristin

Tristin’s background in law, health care and human services informs her daily work at the Dupont Group, and adds value to our clients’ representation in New Hampshire State government. Tristin has significant statehouse experience in support of Dupont Group clients, monitoring public hearings, committee work and executive sessions, and keeping clients informed of legislative developments.

Tristin graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family Studies and Minor in Social Work and has a degree in Nursing from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions.  Tristin formerly was a member of the Junior Service League of Concord and currently sits on the Boards of Directors for the New Hampshire Chapters of  Speedway Children’s Charities and Best Buddies. Tristin lives in Concord with her three sons.


(603) 228-3322 x101

(603) 545-7397 (cell)

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