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Regulatory Affairs

Regulated Professions:  New Hampshire, like all other states, regulates a number of occupation and professions at various levels; but the “Live Free or Die” state puts a unique spin on regulation in some cases.  We have successfully represented a number of regulated occupations and professions in efforts to change scope of practice, insurance coverage, licensing, oversight and education, and other requirements.

Regulatory Guidance:  We have the experience to lead all types of businesses through the full gamut of the regulatory process in New Hampshire, from legislative policy changes, to administrative rulemaking, to departmental oversight and enforcement.

Regulatory Compliance:  As the regulatory environment changes, businesses must adapt – often quickly.  We have a broad and collaborative network of state agency contacts that helps to ensure our clients have both the most current information and the opportunity for input into the regulatory process.

Permits and Licenses:  Businesses operating in New Hampshire often need to commit significant amounts of time and resources for approvals, permits and licenses from the State and individual agencies.  We work with regulatory agencies on every level and can coordinate and expedite the process for both established businesses and start-ups.

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