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The suite of services offered by the Dupont Group ranges from basic legislative monitoring and reporting, to more comprehensive campaigns that include developing political and legislative strategy, stakeholder identification and coalition building, Governor and Executive Council and procurement work, communications and public relations. Click on any of the areas below to learn more about what we offer.

If a client needs a proactive legislative initiative, we work with policymakers, state agencies and other interested parties well before the legislative session begins, to lay the groundwork for a proposal to enact, repeal or amend a state law.  Preparation includes drafting proposed change(s) to the law; assessing levels of support and opposition for the bill; lining up sponsors and legislative champions; preparing testimony and other supporting materials for public hearings, work sessions and committee deliberations; and building the case for change.

Services for legislative clients involve identifying, monitoring and reporting on legislation, administrative rules, budget issues and other matters of interest.  Our legislative monitoring system allows timely reports to be generated for each client, based upon need.

If a client is interested in doing business with state government, we:  identify opportunities for growth in New Hampshire; pinpoint state, county and local requests for proposals (RFPs); and guide the client through contracting processes at state agency and Governor and Executive Council levels.

Dupont Group clients hail from the New Hampshire business sector, national corporations, trade associations, nonprofit organizations and issue campaigns.

For all clients, we closely monitor and report on the political landscape in New Hampshire.  We provide advice on how, where and when in the political, legislative and regulatory arenas it makes sense for a business or association to establish a presence and/or take proactive positions.  When there is need for a public relations or communications plan to advance their position, we demonstrate how a strategy developed and executed by White Birch Communications Group can help a client achieve success.

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