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Government Relations

Legislative Representation:  This may include drafting a proposed change to the law or to an administrative rule; assessing levels of support and opposition for the proposal; lining up sponsors and legislative champions; preparing testimony and other supporting materials for public hearings, work sessions and committee deliberations; and building the case for change.  Services also include identifying, monitoring and reporting on legislation, administrative rules, budget issues, and other matters of interest.  The Dupont Group electronic legislative monitoring system allows for daily, weekly or other regular reports to be generated for each client, based on need.

Contracts and Procurement:  We monitor and identify opportunities for clients such as available state contracts and requests for proposals (RFPs).  After reviewing agency needs, we help clients develop a tailored proposal, and continue working with them through the agency bidding and Governor and Executive Council approval processes.

Business Development:  We offer a wealth of experience, connections and insight into the unique regulatory, economic and political climate of New Hampshire for NH businesses and for new businesses considering locating here.

Expert Testimony:  As subject matter experts in the areas of healthcare, Medicaid, labor, energy, transportation, technology and infrastructure, and as graduates of the political and legislative processes themselves, we are often called upon by the Legislature to provide history, background and facts.

Policy Research:  We provide substantive quality research in a wide variety of public policy areas, to inform and assist legislators, legislative leadership, policy and finance committees, and executive branch officials in their work shaping public policy.

Legislative Histories:  Most major pieces of legislation take about ten years to become law.  We have the technical ability and institutional memory to prepare detailed and substantive legislative histories, and our background research, side-by-side comparisons and analyses are often used by legislative committees as they make decisions on proposed changes to the law.

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