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The state of telehealth in long-term care

Past event: February 22, 2021

This month's webinar will focus on the state of telehealth in NH’s long-term care arena and how the challenges of COVID-19 have been meet with telehealth solutions. Speakers will address how telehealth may be used to address demographic changes and workforce issues in long-term care settings.

Tickets: Access to the webinar is free for NH Telehealth Alliance subscribing members and $10 for the public. Tickets are non-refundable. NH Telehealth Alliance subscribing members must log in to RSVP for free.


Charley Mike Headshot.jpg

Mike Charley

EVP, Ibis Health, Senscio Systems

Kindopp Kathryn Headshot.JPG

Kathryn Kindopp
Administrator, Maplewood of Cheshire County

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