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Webinar: A Turning Point in State & Federal Policies

Past event: May 23, 2022

Alliance Founder Jim Monahan and Alliance Policy Advisor Deborah Fournier, a Senior Associate at the UNH Health Law and Policy Institute for Health Policy & Practice, reviewed how telehealth policy has evolved after more than 2 years under the COVID-19 public health emergency. This is a critical moment for the future of telehealth as the State and federal governments construct more permanent policies and regulations surrounding the use and access of telehealth.

Fournier Deb Headshot.JPG

Deborah H. Fournier, JD​
Senior Associate, Health Law and Policy​ Institute for Health Policy & Practice​, University of New Hampshire

Policy Advisor, NH Telehealth Alliance

Monahan Jim Headshot.jpg

Jim Monahan

NH Telehealth Alliance Founder

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