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Webinar: Federal & State Legislative Crystal Ball

Past event: September 21, 2022

The NH Telehealth Alliance glimpsed into the future with guest speakers NH State Representative William Marsh; Elizabeth McKenna, Special Assistant for Policy and Projects with US Senator Jeanne Shaheen; and Corey Garry, Deputy State Director, Office of U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan. Along with Alliance Founder Jim Monahan and Alliance Policy Advisor Deborah Fournier, a Senior Associate at the UNH Health Law and Policy Institute for Health Policy & Practice, the webinar featured discussions on what could impact telehealth policies as we round the corner to 2023.

Fournier Deb Headshot.JPG

Deborah H. Fournier, JD​
Senior Associate, Health Law and Policy​ Institute for Health Policy & Practice​, University of New Hampshire

Policy Advisor, NH Telehealth Alliance

Monahan Jim Headshot.jpg

Jim Monahan

NH Telehealth Alliance Founder

Rep. Bill Marsh.JPG

NH State Representative William Marsh

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